Taylors Kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Taylors kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Think Pink corporate shirts and pink ribbon caps,  by distributing education regarding lifestyle choices to help reduce cancer risk, recommending screening tests, and other informative facts to help save more lives by improving health and well-being. Taylors International Services is proud to join the American Cancer [...]

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A Message from the CEO on Taylors’ 23rd Anniversary

From G.T. "Butch" Darce THANK YOU! As we celebrate our twenty-third year in business, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to those who have taken this journey alongside me: our customers, our suppliers, vendors, employees – you - our friends. Our company began in 1996 with two employees, a telephone and a [...]

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Hurricane Michael Quick-response Disaster Relief Solutions

One of the greatest needs after an unprecedented storm and sometimes the hardest to fulfill: ELECTRICITY.  With infrastructures ripped apart and vital resources unavailable in the aftermath of this catastrophic storm, Taylors International's trained and experienced personnel were on location within hours to rapidly begin operations to provide critical services to relief workers. Our [...]

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Taylors Participates in 11th Annual USAID Business Conference & Expo

Taylors will be participating in the 11th Annual USAID  Small Business Conference and Expo in Washington, DC.  The one-day event will occur on July 11th bringing together leading companies doing business with USAID worldwide.  Both small and large companies will be in attendance.  The agenda covers USAID’s upcoming program priorities, procurement processes and subcontracting [...]

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Taylors Emergency Response Team and Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey was roaring ashore in south Texas, Taylors Emergency/Disaster Relief Response Team was onsite at one of the coastal refineries feeding hundreds of plant personnel.  In less than 24 hours after the phone call, our team and supplies were loaded and deployed to south Texas. Operations at the refinery were shut down [...]

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1012 Industry Report, Greater Baton Rouge, “Executive Profile: G.T. ‘Butch’ Darce

G.T. "Butch" Darce is Chairman and CEO of Taylor's international services in Lafayette, Louisiana. Butch Darce started out as a truck driver before starting a multimillion dollar company. Our business has seen many ups and downs along with the other service industries. After diversifying into other markets several years ago [...]

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Marine Corp Ball Iraq

Taylors is artfully experienced in sculpting and carving festive and unusual décor. A block of ice is carved into a sculpture of an oil derrick or a scrumptious celebration confectionary (aka cake) resembles a marine vessel. Taylors builds amazing table centerpieces and swiftly turns pineapples, tomatoes and honeydew melons into versatile works of art [...]

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Taylors wins 1st place at Stone Energy 2015 Gumbo Cookoff

Team Taylor's took home 1st place at the fourth annual Stone Energy Gumbo Cook off held at the Cajundome October 8, 2015.  Taylor's joined 108 other teams to make an impact on our Acadiana community. Despite the downturn in the economy, over 6,000 hungry gumbo eaters attended the fundraising competition and raised over [...]

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