The big FIVE-OH!  We recently hit FIFTY MILLION meals served on our food services contract in Iraq. What a service milestone indeed! Congratulations Team Iraq. Thank you to all the talented men and women who brought our vision to life and transformed the facilities into a warm and attractive dining environment. These dining facilities offer a wide range of high-quality international cuisine with a focus on fresh, healthy and inspiring menu options that are tasty, vibrant and interesting – the Taylors way.


In an average month, across Iraq, we receive 68 trucks with an ongoing average of 45-60 days’ supply of food, consuming:

  • Whole Chicken & Chicken Breasts – 48,000 lbs
  • Chicken wings – 11,000 lbs
  • Bacon – 6,500 lbs
  • Steaks -11,000 lbs
  • Burgers – 12,000
  • Lettuce – 26,000 lbs
  • Beans – 17,000 lbs
  • Fresh Fruit – 112,000 lbs
  • Rice – 27,000 lbs
  • Fresh eggs – 411,000
  • Shrimp – 7,200 lbs

We make our own rolls, breads, pastries, cakes and cinnamon rolls. To do so, we process over 23,000 lbs of flour every month.  Of course, you must have coffee to go with all those pastries – 9,000 gallons of coffee! Additionally, we order 8,000 gallons of cooking oil and countless other pre-packaged juices, sodas, waters, chips and other various sundries and spices to keep our customers happy.  Again, thank you to our unique government services team in Iraq!

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