Please join us at @International Stability Operations Association (ISOA)’s Abu Dhabi Conference on February 14-16! #ISOAAbuDhabi2023 will focus on #stabilityops in the Middle East and Africa, with informative panels and inspirational keynote speakers. #ISOAAbuDhabi2023 also gives you excellent business matchmaking and networking opportunities. Conference registration is still open:  #isoa  #govcon #networking #business

ISOA is a global partnership of private sector, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations providing critical services in fragile environments worldwide. ISOA is committed to raising the standards of stability operations to ensure sound and ethical professionalism and transparency in the conduct of peacekeeping, post-conflict reconstruction and disaster relief activities.

The evolving situation in Ukraine will be explored in this event in sessions focusing on security, energy, training, logistics, and other needed contracting support from organizations conducting stability operations.


  • Defense, Diplomacy & Development
  • Afghanistan’s Stability in 2023: Leadership Views & Challenges
  • Rebuilding Ukraine: Security & Coordination
  • Women, Peace & Security
  • Predicting the Future: Global Trends in Stability Operations
  • Countering Global Threats: The Whole-of-Nation Approach
  • Small Businesses in Stability and Development
  • KSA & Africa Projects and Opportunities
  • Keynote Speaker: Mick Nicholson, CEO Lockheed Martin ME
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Managing Water, Energy & Food Security During Geopolitical Turmoil
  • Contract Augmentation Program Update
  • Updates on Contract Augmentation Programs from DoD & DoS.
  • Practitioners’ Perspectives on Peacekeeping & Stability Operations
  • Fraught Freight: Global Supply Chain Issues