Our Capabilities

Details are our speciality.

Taylors Offers a Full

Menu of Services

Catering and life support services, from food services to housekeeping, laundry, janitorial, transport, maintenance, security, pest control and entertainment – and we can even provide you with instant housing.

Food Services: Offshore & Remote Site Catering

Taylors International is your ideal resource for offshore catering and remote site services anywhere in the world. Since our company’s founding in 1996, we have earned an excellent reputation built upon the quality of our food, the reliability of our staff and the superiority of our remote offshore catering services.

Camp Management & Design

Taylors International has the skills, experience and capabilities to provide you with a custom-designed land camp quickly and efficiently. We understand that the comfort and well-being of your employees are key to maintaining efficient operations. That’s why we design and build remote lodging that is safe, clean and comfortable.

Facility Management & Base Operations Support (BOS)

For more than two decades, Taylors International has been providing the highest quality facility management (FM) services and base operations support (BOS) to a wide range of clients worldwide. Over the years, our company has grown considerably through excellent client retention and an unsurpassed reputation for robust remote site solutions.

Staffing Services

Taylors International has the resources and capabilities to provide you with skilled and unskilled personnel around the globe. Our workforce is comprised of experienced and well-trained professionals in a wide range of fields. We also offer multinational and multilingual staff as needed. In addition, our employees are certified in their fields of expertise as required.


At Taylors International, we deliver the same type of hospitality services you’ll find at a fine hotel. Excellent food, superior housekeeping, a variety of recreational activities and more. The difference, of course, is that we provide these services in some of the most austere and remote locations around the world – which is why they are most commonly called “remote site services.”


When you choose Taylors International for remote site solutions, you can count on us to get the right people, supplies and equipment to the right place at the right time – every time. That’s what logistics is all about, and we have the experienced team of professionals and resources needed to get the job done properly.

Emergency & Disaster Response

When a man-made or natural disaster strikes, it’s crucial that you have access to food, clean water, supplies and various life support services. Taylors International is experienced at disaster response, having provided emergency support services for catastrophic events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


From the food we serve, the places where we work or our day-to-day operations, we make sure safety is an “every-moment-every-day” mindset. This mindset is ingrained everything we do that extends to every place our people work, whether that’s in an offshore galley, a warehouse, an office, or in a truck.