Taylors will be participating in the 11th Annual USAID  Small Business Conference and Expo in Washington, DC.  The one-day event will occur on July 11th bringing together leading companies doing business with USAID worldwide.  Both small and large companies will be in attendance.  The agenda covers USAID’s upcoming program priorities, procurement processes and subcontracting objectives.  A business Expo will be held with representatives from USAID Bureaus and Offices, federal agencies and large businesses.  During the “Lunch with Leaders” session, Taylors will be participating with senior USAID officials on discussions regarding Agency requirements and support from industry.

USAID  leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance. USAID transforms. It transforms families, communities, and countries – so they can thrive and prosper. Whether by preventing the next global epidemic, responding to a devastating earthquake, or helping a farmer access tools to grow their business.