One of the greatest needs after an unprecedented storm and sometimes the hardest to fulfill: ELECTRICITY.  With infrastructures ripped apart and vital resources unavailable in the aftermath of this catastrophic storm, Taylors International’s trained and experienced personnel were on location within hours to rapidly begin operations to provide critical services to relief workers. Our unified command response teams are currently on location in the panhandle of Florida at two workforce camp facilities providing thousands of utility workers and the US National Guard with over 3,000 hot, nutritious meals per day and thousands of cases of water and sports drinks.  Our mobile assets on location include self-contained kitchen trailers, trucks and laundry facilities.  Also available to meet your work crew needs are hand-washing stations, shower units, restrooms, potable water and storage, power generation, and lighting.  We can also provide hard and soft-sided shelters and all related amenities to support first responders.

We partner with you to ensure that your emergency relief workers are well cared for with the top-notch quality that Taylors is known for and your work crews deserve.

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