Tarik K. Masri

President and CEO

Tarik Masri

Tarik K. Masri

Tarik Masri, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, is the newly appointed President and CEO.  Tarik joined Taylors International Services, Inc. in January 2010 as Taylors’ Vice President of Sales & Marketing; soon thereafter, was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. His responsibilities include managing a team of international sales professionals, while also directing all marketing efforts focused on increasing awareness of Taylors International’s brand, image and global positioning.

Tarik’s duties also involve the identification, pursuit and dynamic development of domestic and international growth opportunities across industry segments: marine vessels, mining activity, defense and government sites, offshore platforms and workforce camps.

Tarik began his career as an international corporate banker and completed nearly 20 years of service with several global banks in the Middle East and the United States. Prior to joining Taylors International, he was a principal in a global support services company.

Tarik firmly believes that Taylors International is uniquely positioned to provide personal, customized solutions for domestic and global clients – and he looks forward to the growth of the company as it continues to expand into South America, Africa and Asia.

Tarik earned an MBA-Finance from Southern Methodist University and a BBA-Finance from the University of Oklahoma. He is married and has two daughters.