G. T. “Butch” Darce

Chairman & CEO

G. T. "Butch" Darce Portrait

G. T. “Butch” Darce

Butch Darce founded Taylors International Services, Inc. in 1996 and serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business and takes a hands-on approach to ensuring that the company upholds the highest standards of quality, customer service and attention to detail.

Prior to founding Taylors International, Butch gained an impressive amount of experience in sales, the oil and gas industry and the offshore catering industry. A native of Morgan City, Louisiana, Butch started working at the age of 14. A born salesman, he began working in sales at the age of 16 as a clerk in a local department store. He continued his sales career selling hardware, drilling fluids, industrial tools and oilfield chemicals to companies servicing the oil and gas industry.

While continuing to work, Butch attended a variety of educational classes to advance his professional knowledge. In the early 1980s, he found his niche in the offshore catering industry, leveraging his connections with many of his previous customers as well as meeting new contacts.

After nearly 15 years of working for two worldwide catering companies, Butch saw the opportunity to be directly responsible for managing and catering to the needs of clients as “real people” versus “just numbers.” Having earned an outstanding reputation for meeting his customers’ needs, Butch was determined that the product he wanted to manage and sell would be focused on excellent service and taking care of workers when they’re away from home – while also complying with the needs of his clients.

In August of 1996, Butch established Taylors International Services, Inc. in Lafayette, Louisiana. He and his wife, Dorothy “Dot” Darce, worked tirelessly setting up the new business. Through long hours and perseverance, they were fortunate enough to begin their first contract in January 1997 – and the company has been growing and evolving ever since. Within a few years, the company expanded into the international market and met with great success. In 2005, Taylors International also created an emergency response division dedicated to providing help when natural disasters strike.

International growth has sent them to areas of conflict where the need for JFP Services, LLC was established to manage care of maintenance and various other needs in conflict zones. Butch understands that when there is a good team driving sound ideals – new ideas are conceived and created. JFP Safety Services, LLC and Occupational Health and Safety International LLC (OHSI) have been formed to meet the ever-expanding safety demands of the oil and gas industry and has been well received with much optimism and enthusiasm. Butch and Dot are truly grateful for their tremendous success and are always receptive to their customers’ recommendations and guidance for enhancing and
expanding services to them.

Butch and Dot are truly grateful for their tremendous success and are always receptive to their customers’ recommendations and guidance for enhancing and expanding services to better meet their needs.

Butch is active in the community and has served in a number of civil, fraternal, church and industry organizations. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Dot Theriot, since 1969. He enjoys motorcycle riding and hunting, as well as supporting animal conservation organizations. Butch spends leisure time with his wife and their three children, as well as their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He also enjoys entertaining and cooking for family and friends.