CEO’s Message

Our Personal Promise

G. T. "Butch" Darce Portrait

At Taylors You’re Family

It is my personal promise that Taylors International Services, Inc. will provide every client with the highest quality life support services every day – without exception. As a team of proven professionals, everyone at Taylors International has dedicated their careers to providing the “best-in-class” remote site services that our clients expect and deserve.

When I founded Taylors International in 1996, along with my wife Dot, we made it our mission to take care of our clients as though they were members of our family. In addition, we made sure to treat our employees like family as well. As a result, Taylors International has always been a true family-owned business – and our family values remain intact even though we’ve grown to become an international business with more than 2000 employees.

After more than two decades, our unique business philosophy remains the same:
“If it is not good enough for my family, it is not good enough for your family!”

Happy, Safe, & Secure

We understand how hard it can be working at remote locations around the world, and we realize that your personnel begin and end each day with us. That’s why we’re dedicated to being here for your people 24/7 – providing some of the comforts of home that are so important to keeping remote site workers happy, safe and secure. With Taylors International, you can rest assured that we’ll always treat you like family.

G.T. “Butch” Darce
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Taylors International Services, Inc.