Dorothy “Dot” Darce

Executive Vice President – Corp. Administrations

Dorothy "Dot" Darce Portrait

Dorothy “Dot” Darce

As Vice President of Corporate Administrations, Dot Darce oversees the documentation of all departments within the company to ensure professional integrity is upheld and improved upon continuously.

Dot was instrumental in the startup of Taylors International Services, Inc. in 1996, handling roles including accountant, payroll and HR operative, executive assistant, dispatching and vendor management. As the business grew and additional staff was hired, she assumed an executive role in the company – ensuring that the professional standards that her husband, Butch Darce, initially established are fully supported and continue to be a priority.

Today, Dot continues to play a key role in the company’s ongoing success – working both onsite and behind the scenes.

Born in Morgan City, Louisiana, Dot has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1969 and believes that one of the most important decisions in life is wisely choosing your life partner. She believes careers and jobs can be temporary, but when family and faith are a supportive constant in one’s life, everything is possible.

Dot enjoys gardening, painting and sewing – but especially enjoys entertaining family and friends. She loves being a grandmother and great-grandmother.