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Taylors International Services, Inc. are a fully integrated provider of life support services. When we serve your meal, know it will be provided by fully trained chefs, supported by nutritionists, served on the line by professionals. Our logisticians and procurement staff will assure uninterrupted supplies of ingredients and goods, to even the most remote of dining locations. Our cleaning staff will whisk away your soiled plates and cutlery while our pest abatement and sanitation experts work in the background to assure your hygienic safety.

When you have eaten your last meal for the day and entertainment is the order of business, you can rely on Taylors International Services, Inc. for an evening of relaxation. At evenings end, you will have a comfortable bed with fresh linens. Our security staff and protocols are in place and your nights rest is assured.

This is the Taylors International Services, Inc.'s solution. This is our promise.


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