Executive Management
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Jon Murphy

Jon Murphy was initially employed within the United Kingdom subsidiary of Taylors International Services, Inc. since 1992. He came to work in the USA in 2005 as the Vice President of Operations and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2008 in his current role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In his role, Jon guides and manages the overall operation of the company; he assists the President and Chief Executive Officer in implementing the policies, procedures and programs for the entire company. He also directly controls all operations overseas with the aid of two Senior Vice Presidents.

Jon received his Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Hotel and Catering Management from Royal Bath University in the United Kingdom. He has held various professional and managerial positions in all areas of operations and logistics within the company. Prior to joining Taylors, Jon spent 25 years in Military Service to his country in the Logistics Corps of the British Army. He is married with 5 children and 8 grandchildren.


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