Defense & Government Services
"Since March 2012 Taylors International Services, Inc. has been providing food and dining services for the United States Consulate in Herat, Afghanistan. Taylors is performing well under the terms of the contract. They displayed professionalism and flexibility in their efforts to rapidly mobilize in time for the opening of the consulate. The quality of the food has been consistently high for the duration of the contract.
I would recommend any organization seeking a food services provider to consider Taylors International Services."
United States Consulate - Herat, Afghanistan
Management Officer

"Taylor International has been providing DEFAC services to PAE in Kabul and two other Retional locations in Afghanistan for the past 21 months. Currently, they are delivering about 40,000 meals a month to our personnel working and/or associated with this Department of State Task order. TIS, Inc. has extensive experience operating in austere environments. It is my understand that TIS has been providing Catering and Food Services for fifteen years in the United States, and in numerous countries worldwide. The superior quality of the meals TIS serve has made them an industry leader and was the primary driver in PAE selecting them as our food service vendor for this Task order. TIS operate its food services program in accordance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ( HACCP) and TB MED 530 Standards. TIS strict safety and sanitation control procedure checked and cross-checked by on-site Operations and Corporate Managers guarantee a high quality of food services. Our PAE food service manager works closely with the Taylor management staff and has only good things to say about the execution of their service responsibilities and professionalism. In addition. TIS, Inc. has received high ratings in its Comprehensive Food Establishment Inspection Reports (CFEI) from PAE, other clients and the US Government.
PAE, as the prime contracts, and our end user clients (DEA) are extremely pleased with the service and professionalism provided by Taylor. They always go above and beyond to insure the highest quality of food service is delivered, and it is a pleasure providing them with this Letter of Recommendation."
PAE-Justice Support
Interdiction Counter Narcotics Task Order
Kabul, Afghanistan

"I work with a mixed task force which operates in several of the provinces and recently worked up north where Sean Overpect and his team from Taylors has been providing us dining services with a smile. I personally felt compelled to write you about the excellent service your staff here is providing for myself and my teammates. Without Sean and his staffs' help, we would not be as effective in the field. 
Our tasking here has us working long and unusual hours to complete our mission objectives.  Sean, and his staff, has gone out of their way to be accommodating to our needs by providing ready made sandwiches and having hot food available after our late night missions. A couple of times we've had to coordinate with Sean for early lunches or late night hot trays for our returns from the field. This has been an immense moral boost for our team and a potential hardship for Sean and his staff, but their friendly support truly makes a difference in our fight.
Again, I felt compelled, after our deployment to the provinces, to make a point of writing you to let you know how exemplary your staff is conducting themselves here and how much their support means. The attention to detail, flexibility, and personal representation of excellence in how they conduct themselves with in-country support elements is a credit upon themselves and Taylors. Thank you and have a great day." 
Hardware Engineer
US Technical Support Detachment, Afghanistan
Oil & Gas
"I would like to convey my appreciation of the very good job that Pete Gonzalez and his team are doing on the Global vessel. To this point I believe we have received very good service. I have been very impressed by the high standard of hygiene and the improved quality of the food in the short time your company has been onboard. If this is an indication of your crews' future performance, then Taylor International Services will have a very successful future working relationship with Technip."
Global vessel


"Thank you for providing lunch for the Apache Office this last Monday. The entire meal - including the desserts - was absolutely delicious. We appreciate all the hard work that your crew contributed in providing Apache this wonderful luncheon."

Associate Accountant
Apache Corporation
Gulf Coast Division - Onshore



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